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Construction changing the face of Tyler Avenue

This article first appeared in The Tartan on September 17th 2010 //

Travis Handy

Construction projects are popping up all around Radford University as of late.  One particular construction site that has been causing a lot of curiosity is located on Tyler Avenue beside the 7-11.  Rumors and speculation circulated about its future. Students have heard rumors that everything from restaurants to a strip mall will occupy the space. So, which will it be?  How does a little bit of each sound?

According to Jeff Price, owner of Price Williams Realty, the property will be a “mixed use” property.  There will be two buildings in the complex, the first of which has already been completed.

The first building has three levels of condominiums, and students began moving in at the end of this summer.  It has five retail spaces on the first floor, which are still under construction.  The new building will be home to restaurants, retail shops, condominiums, and offices.  Because the project is in its early stages, there have been no entities to sign on to operate in the new space, but there has been a show of interest.  While he was unable to give specifics about the types of businesses to expect, Price did say the residential units would be two, three and four bedroom rental condominiums and that they are the first of their kind in Radford.

Price, who graduated from RU in 1986, is proud of the work that is being done.  Aside from the attractive look of the finished building, the condominiums (including the ones planned for the second building) boast nine-foot ceilings, washers and dryers, and private balconies.  The units are 1700 square feet, and each oversized bedroom has walk-in closets and its own private bath.  As for the retail spaces, Price said that they’ll be student-oriented, and that a number of students have been involved in the planning process.

“Tyler Place is changing the face of Tyler Avenue,” Price said.

Tyler Place is also changing Clement Street.  The section of the street between Tyler and First Avenue will change from one-way to two-way by the time the project is complete, with parking on either side to provide access to restaurants and shops.

Price Williams Realty has been in business in the New River Valley for almost twenty-five years, and the home office is in Radford.  They manage around 500 properties in Radford, housing over 1,000 RU students.  They also manage rental properties in Blacksburg.



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