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Run for Raft Brings Funds, Awareness of Mental Illness and Suicide

by Travis Handy BLACKSBURG, Va.–One in four people in the U.S. suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition. That means in the typical family of four, one member is or has been affected by a mental health disorder. Additionally, according to the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, mental illness accounts for … Continue reading

Radford University’s LGBTQ Students Have Allies in Breaking the Silence

by Travis Handy RADFORD, Va.–On a snowy evening in the spring semester of 2011, Radford University student Jordan Addison walked a female friend from Young Hall to Muse. After seeing his friend safely back to her dorm and beginning the walk back across campus, two males approached him from behind. They shoved Addison into the … Continue reading

Jury Delivers Verdict, Awards $8 Million in VT Wrongful Death Trial

by Travis Handy CHRISTIANSBURG, Va.-The jury found in favor of the parents of Julia Pryde and Erin Peterson, two of the victims of the April 16, 2007 campus shootings, and awarded each of the families $4 million in damages. It is not likely that the families will receive that amount, as Virginia law caps the … Continue reading

Santorum’s Comments on Higher Education Draw Criticism

Political rhetoric has been heating up as GOP hopefuls jockey for the party’s nomination to candidacy for President in 2012. Rick Santorum has found himself in the hot seat over comments made during an address he made to supporters in Michigan on February 25, when he called President Obama a snob for believing that every … Continue reading

New River Valley Sees First Significant Snowfall of 2012

Radford, Va—People across the New River Valley got hit Sunday by the first significant snowfall of the season. Arriving two months into Winter, and riding on the back of unusually warm and pleasant February days, the storm was a bit of a surprise that quickly moved in and out of the area, and blanketed some … Continue reading

Women’s Resource Center Remains Strong Despite Poor Economy, Increased Demand for Services

RADFORD, Va–As the oldest domestic violence program in Virginia, the Women’s Resource Center of the New River Valley has offered over three decades of service to the city of Radford and the four surrounding counties. Through the recession of the past few years, the organization has managed not to stray from the programs and services … Continue reading

Radford City’s transit plans move forward

This story first appeared in The Tartan on April 11, 2011// Travis Handy thandy@radford.edu The City of Radford is one step closer to the implementation of a new public transit system. A review committee of Radford University and Radford city representatives is considering proposals to run the system, which could begin city service operations as … Continue reading

Public transit system coming to Radford

 This article first appeared in The Tartan on November 02nd 2010 // Travis Handy thandy@radford.edu Radford City expects to begin operating a new public transit system within the next year. The new service will be provided in a joint effort between the city and Radford University.  The target date is August 2011, just in time … Continue reading

Radford’s new mayor wishes RU a bright future

This article first appeared in The Tartan on October 19th 2010 // Travis Handy thandy@radford.edu Radford City’s newly elected mayor Dr. Bruce E. Brown is a busy man.  His kind demeanor and infectious personality are just two of his many attributes, and he brings a great attitude to his role as mayor.  He is a people … Continue reading

Thousands flock to Highlanders Festival

This article first appeared in The Tartan on October 5th 2010 // Travis Handy thandy@radford.edu The sound of bagpipes filled the air Saturday Oct. 2, as hundreds of students, parents and local residents gathered under a beautiful blue sky to celebrate Highlanders Festival’s fifteenth year. Radford City Mayor Dr. Bruce Brown was on hand at the festival, … Continue reading